Expert, started 32 years ago, in Mangaluru, has grown both in extent and stature. The growth has been steady and the goal, clear and specific. At Expert, the focus has been on science, for we believe that science is a beautiful gift to humanity and it is global.

Academic excellence is a continuous process at Expert, and not an accident. Our motto is commitment to the students, institution and to science. Our aim is always high, for we believe in the dictum "Aim at the sun and your arrow may not reach it, but it will certainly fly higher than when aimed at your level". Read more...

Prof. Narendra L. Nayak
Managing Partner, Expert Publishing House


The Chairman of Expert Educational and Charitable Foundation, Mangalore, Prof. Nayak has created a revolution in the field of education by introducing scientific Coaching Technics in his own institution Expert Coaching Classes.


Our Publications

II PUC - Objective Biology for NEET
Written by: M. Sudhaker Rao
II PUC - Objective Chemistry for NEET, JEE (Main)
Written by: Shripathi Rao, B. S. Moodithaya, Richard Gonsalves